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January 12, 2012 Minutes


January 12, 2012 Minutes




JANUARY 12, 2012



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township Board was held on January 12, 2012 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:00 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            Board members present were Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak, Treasurer, Diane Purgiel, Trustees, Leonard Skop and Dale Holzschu.  Clerk, Sue Schaedig was excused.  Others in attendance were Assessor, Debbie Dunham and County Commissioner, Bruce Brown.


            Leonard made a motion to accept the December 2011 minutes as presented.  Seconded by Dale and carried.


            Bruce Brown gave a brief report of the last commissioners meeting.  The County Bus system transports 101,000 passengers per year and they have 22 buses with 20 equipped as handicapped and the last two soon to be.  Jeff Ratcliff reported that the Georgia Pacific property is off the market.  Paul Beachnau retains chair and Paul Liss retains vice-chair.


            Diane F reported that a few local moms with small children will be using the township hall on the second Tuesday of the month for an hour until April, 2012.



            Debbie reported that work is continuing on the roll for 2012.  There will be a small loss but, hopefully the taxable won’t be hit too bad.  Personal property statements have been mailed.



            Ron will be absent for the January and February meetings.  He sent an e-mail that there have been no new complaints.



            No formal report.  The board discussed the up coming Public Hearing to be held at the Elmira Township hall on January 24, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. to hear public comment on the proposed Mixed Use Zoning.



            5126    Barbara Lewandowski, assist treasurer                                                  64.00

            5127    Diane Franckowiak, Supv salary                                                      1,333.17

            5128    Duane Hoffman, Twp board mtg                                                       110.00

            5129    Ron Geiger, ordinance officer, liquor inspector                                 239.52

            5130    VOID

            5131    VOID

            5132    VOID

            5133    VOID

            5134    Eugene Fleming, Dec BOR                                                                   50.00

            5135    Roderick Wright, Dec BOR                                                                  50.00

            5136    Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning                                                                 68.75

            5137    Great Lakes Energy                                                                               65.86

            5138    Waste Management                                                                               73.99

            5139    D & H Excavating, snowplowing                                                       120.00

            5140    Alpine Web, twp web site                                                                  105.00

            5141    MMTA, treasurer dues                                                                           50.00

            5142    Dunn’s Business Solutions, stamp                                                         25.00

            5143    D & D Assessing                                                                              1,700.00

            5144    Dan Smith CPA                                                                                  300.00

            5145    Sam’s Club, renewal                                                                              35.00

            5146    Holton’s LP Gas                                                                                 392.92

            5147    Diane Purgiel, reimb mileage, phone, internet, paper, meals              301.35

            5148    Diane Franckowiak, reimb use fax & computer, internet, meals        150.00

            5149    Susan Schaedig, reimb internet & phone, paper                                    71.98

            5150    Roderick Wright, Dec BOR                                                                  50.00

            5151    Leonard Skop, trustee salary                                                              125.08

            5152    Diane Purgiel, treasurer salary                                                          1,391.67

            5153    Dale Holzschu, trustee salary                                                              125.08

            5154    Susan Schaedig, Clerk salary                                                              956.92

            5155    Water Systems Management, water samples                                      123.95

            5156    Otsego County Equalization Dept, Jul-Dec 11 maint, pers prop     1,375.80

            5157    Mid North Printing, window envelopes                                             169.70

            5158    Detroit Marriot, mta conference rooms                                           1,194.64

            5160    Great Lakes Energy                                                                            394.03

            5161    CenturyLink                                                                                          41.63



            Diane P made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Leonard and carried.



CD’s M Bank: 95,000.00, 65,444.47, 64,425.27    Savings  15,109.39

5/3 savings 117,749.71   NWST 109,266.33  Gen Fund 56,023.99   TOTAL 523,019.16


Tax Acct’s Northwestern  4,523.64   1,058.98  Citizens tax savings  181,633.61

Tax Checking  4,925.14    Total  192,141.37


            Diane P reported Cds are maturing but the interest rates are lower than 2 years ago.


            Tax collections ongoing and a few taxpayers have taken advantage of paying at Citizens Bank.






            The board briefly discussed new furnace prices submitted by Family Heating and Forman Mechanical.  Tabled until the February meeting.



            There being no further business to come before the board Diane made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dale and carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m..


Diane Franckowiak



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