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October 13, 2011 Minutes


October 13, 2011 Minutes




OCTOBER 13, 2011



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township board was held on October 13, 2011 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:05 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            All board members were present.  Others attending were Holly Franckowiak, Bruce Brown and John Burt. 


            Diane P. made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Leonard and carried unanimously.



            John Burt, Otsego County Administrator reported that the completion of the animal shelter has been moved up to December 23, 2011.  He also stated that there is 800 acres in the Johannesburg area being donated to the county.  Eventually it will be developed into a park.



            Diane F reported that Debbie has completed her sales study but has not heard from Equalization.  She also stated that the values are going down again.



            Sue reported that Mary Campbell of M.C. Planning & Design presented a Park Improvement Plan.  The board and Mary also visited the Park.


            The PC reviewed the Phase I proposal which will include a site survey, conceptual park improvement plan, refined schematic park improvement plan, coordination with Otsego County and cost estimates and preparation of grant application.

John Ernst will be a consultant.


            The PC discussed the proposal and approved.  Mary will send a contract to the Elmira Township board for approval.


            Diane F made a motion to engage the services of M.C. Planning & Design to assist with the Elmira Township Park Improvement on Phase I for a cost not to exceed the amount of $3,550.00 for the scope of work described in the attached Proposal Memo dated 9-19-20ll.  Seconded by Leonard and carried unanimously.






            Diane F introduced Holly Franckowiak to the board and stated that she is interested in filling the vacancy left by Alice Traylor on the Fire Authority board.


            Diane F made a motion to appoint Holly Franckowiak to the Elmira-Warner Fire Authority.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            She also stated three new members have joined the fire department and out of 16 active members 11 are cross trained as a Fire Fighter and EMS.



            5033    Dale Holzschu, trustee salary                                                              185.08

            5034    Susan Schaedig, clerk’s salary                                                         1,186.91

            5035    Ron Geiger, Ordinance Officer, Liquor Inspector salary                   233.03

            5036    Paul Hartmann, PC meeting                                                               110.00

            5037    Leonard Skop, trustee salary                                                              245.08

            5038    John Middleton, PC meeting                                                              110.00

            5039    James Theisen, PC meeting                                                                 110.00

            5040    Gloria Torello, PC meeting                                                                 130.00

            5041    Diane Purgiel, treasurer’s salary                                                       1,811.66

            5042    Diane Franckowiak, Supervisor’s salary                                          1,513.16

            5043    Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning                                                                68.75

            5044    Michigan Townships Association, Policy matters book                       31.50

            5045    Diane Franckowiak, reimb                                                                    50.00

            5046    Susan Schaedig, reimb                                                                          29.99

            5047    Diane Purgiel, reimb                                                                           104.02

            5048    State of Michigan, 3rd quarter taxes                                                    585.16

            5049    D & D Assessing                                                                             1,700.00

            5050    Waste Management                                                                              73.99

            5051    Great Lakes Energy                                                                              75.83

            5052    Spartan Sewer & Septic                                                                        85.00

            5053    Dunn’s Business Solutions                                                                   29.52

            5054    Dan Smith CPA                                                                                  675.00

            5055    Diane Purgiel, reimb                                                                           183.09

            5056    American Waste-Arrow, township clean up                                    7,745.00

            29        EFTPS, October 2011 taxes                                                               489.20

            5057    Great Lakes Energy                                                                            353.75

            5058    Signs By Designs                                                                                330.00

            5059    CenturyLink                                                                                          41.31

            5060    Susan Schaedig, reimb cartridges                                                         22.39

            5061    Web Design                                                                                     1,296.50



            Leonard made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.



            Diane P reported that she is looking for a bank that will allow township residents to make their tax payments.  She will check with Independent Bank in Gaylord since it is being allowed at another branch.


            Diane P has removed money from an M-Bank account to a savings at 5th Third Bank.  She is waiting for a better interest rate.


CD’S  107,398.04   95.000.00  65,444.47   64,425.27  20,126.52

SAVINGS  122,235.52   GEN FUND  29,642.71  TOTAL  504,272.53



            Sue made a motion to approve the 2011 Tax Rate Request(L-4029).  Township allocated .8850 and Fire Department 1.00 mill.  Seconded by Diane P and carried unanimously.


            Diane F reported that Doug Franckowiak will do the plowing for the 2011-2012 season at the same price as last season. 


            Diane P stated that work is continuing on the web site.   Residents can go on the township web site and click on links to fill out and print a PRE.  We can also have a miscellaneous information site.  There is a picture of a fall scene on now but there should probably be something from the township.


            Diane P attended the recycling meeting.  She stated she raised concerns about putting the issue of recycling on the Primary Election ballot in August of 2012.  The townships would like it on the November ballot since there is a better turnout of voters.


             John Burt stated that the townships of Chester, Charlton and Dover are looking at possibly setting up recycling at their operation.



            Diane F made a motion to allow any board member to attend the Michigan Township Conference in January, 2012.  The  wages, bus or mileage, registration, hotel and a $100.00 stipend for food to be paid by the township.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            There being no further business to come before the board Leonard made a motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m..


Susan Schaedig, Clerk

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