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September 13, 2012 minutes


September 13, 2012 minutes



SEPTEMBER 13, 2012



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township Board was held on September 13, 2012 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:00 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            Members in attendance were Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak, Treasurer, Diane Purgiel and Trustees, Leonard Skop and Dale Holzschu.  Clerk, Susan Schaedig was excused.  Others attending were Deputy Clerk, Doreen Ostrander, Branden Curran, Duane Hoffman and Alan Jaroneski.


            Attorney, Branden Curran spoke about his background and qualifications in regard to running for Otsego County Prosecutor in the General Election held on November 6, 2012.


            Diane F. made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.



            Ron Geiger was not present but he has not had any complaints.



            PC discussed the e-mail from Mary Campbell.  She is looking for additional letters of support and contribution of materials to send to the DNR which she hopes will gain additional points in scoring for the park grant.  Notes in regard to the Austin Behling request for a special use permit were given to Joe Ferrigan.




            Diane F stated that the Fire Department Open House was a success.  $2,400 was raised with the several donations.



            5414    James Theisen, PC meeting                                                                   110.00

            5415    Paul Hartmann, PC meeting                                                                  110.00

            5416    John Middleton, PC meeting                                                                 110.00

            5417    Gloria Torello, PC meeting                                                                    130.00

            5418    Duane Hoffman, PC meeting                                                                 110.00

            5419    Dale Holzschu, Trustee wages                                                   238.83

            5420    Susan Schaedig, Clerk wages                                                               959.91

            5421    Ron Geiger, Ordinance Officer, Liquor Inspector                                  239.51

            5422    Leonard Skop, Trustee wages                                                              128.83

            5423    Diane Purgiel, Treasurer wages                                              1,433.49

            5424    Diane Franckowiak, Supervisor wages                                   1,328.66

            5425    Barbara Lewandowski, deputy treasurer wages                           35.00

            5426    Spartan Sewer & Septic                                                                         85.00

            5427    Diane Franckowiak, reimb internet, use of computer & phone     50.00

            5428    Doug Zarovy, hall dep refund                                                                  50.00

            5429    Diane Purgiel, reimb office supplies, mileage, phone-internet      163.80

            5430    Municipal Underwriters of Mich, Inc, insurance                      6,728.00

            5431    Walmart, paint & graffiti remover                                                            10.31

            5432    D & D Assessing                                                                               1,760.00

            5433    D & D Assessing, mileage-tribunal                                                          29.60

            5434    Duane Hoffman, reimb registration & mileage                            112.28

            5435    Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning                                                                    90.00

            5436    Crossroads Industries, Inc, clean up day post cards                               393.80

            5437    Waste Management                                                                                85.24

            5438    Great Lakes Energy                                                                                37.87

            5439    United States Postal Service, postage-election                             78.00

            5440    Susan Schaedig, reimb internet & phone                                                  29.99

            5441    United States Postal Service, postage-tax roll                            450.00

            5442    Great Lakes Energy                                                                              383.90

            5443    Ass’n of Public Treasurers, Diane P membership                                   145.00



            Dale made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Leonard and carried.



            Diane P reported that taxpayers will not be able to pay their taxes by credit card because there is a problem with the company.  She is seeking a new company.


            Taxpayers have been paying taxes at Citizens Bank.


M Bank CDs  99,031.79  65,444.47  64,425.27  MBank Svgs 15,181.00

NWST  109,266.33  First Federal Checking  25,002.67  First Fed ICS  95,032.53

Gen Fund Independent Bank  65,059.56   TOTAL 538,443.62


Tax Savings  409,659.36  Tax Checking  6,000.71    TOTAL  415,660.07



            Leonard made a motion to accept the Release and Waiver of Liability for Township Volunteers drawn up by Attorney, Bryan Graham.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            Duane Hoffman, Elmira PC stated that Austin and Angela Behling requested a special use permit on two parcels in Elmira Township to be used as an Agricultural Equipment Auction site.  The Elmira PC addressed several concerns and wanted contingencies added.


            Diane P made a motion to support a special use permit for Austin and Angela Behling on parcels 060-020-300-005-03 and 060-020-300-005-04 in Elmira Township to be used as an Agricultural Equipment Auction site with the following contingencies:

Auction items will not be delivered two (2) weeks prior to their auction date and will be removed by two(2) weeks after said auction date.  The intention is to prevent the property looking like a perpetual “junk yard”.  Diane P felt that one week prior to the auction was sufficient.


Temporary “No Parking” signs will be placed along M-32 to prevent and/or discourage parking along M-32.  The intention is to keep the traffic along M-32 flowing smoothly and to prevent accidents from pedestrians getting in and out of their vehicles while vehicles are traveling in speeds of 55 mph or more.


The Behlings will create a berm and greenbelt area to keep some equipment hidden and to keep the area “green”. 


The hours of operation will not begin before 8 am and will end by 10 p.m.  The intention is to prevent noise from loud speakers to reach neighbors, or potential neighbors, in the early hours and late evening.


Seconded by Leonard and carried unanimously.

Diane F, Diane P, Leonard, Dale   Yes      Nayes 0   Absent Susan Schaedig


            Adam Gandolphi, Risk Manager at Municipal Underwriters of Michigan, Inc. updated board members of the township insurance coverage package. 


            He explained the Grant Program and the next application will be available October 1st, 2012.


            Duane explained to the board that he is awaiting input from the Puroll family in regard to the tower on the play structure in the Park.  There are safety issues.


            Diane F made a motion to approve the 2012 Tax Rate Request (L-4029).  Township allocated  .8850 mill and the Fire Department 1.00 mill.  Seconded by Diane P and carried unanimously.


            Leonard made a motion to purchase 2 refurbished fire extinguishers at $25.00 each.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            The Township Clean Up day will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2012 from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. at Arrow Sanitation.


            There being no further business to come before the board Leonard made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 7:32 p.m..


Doreen Ostrander, Deputy Clerk/Susan Schaedig, Clerk







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