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October 11, 2012


October 11, 2012



OCTOBER 11, 2012



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township Board was held on October 11, 2012 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:00 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            Members in attendance were Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak, Clerk, Susan Schaedig, Treasurer, Diane Purgiel and Trustees, Leonard Skop and Dale Holzschu.  Others present were Ron Geiger, Ordinance Officer, Bruce Brown, Commissioner, Dave Johanningsmeier and Tom Deans of the Otsego County Road Commission.


            Tom Dean, OCRC manager described the work completed on the Martin Lake Project.  He stated that signs will be put up for the curves in about two weeks.  The erosion should be taken care of and the road will be chip sealed again in 2013.


            He also stated that an overlay hot mix asphalt material could be put behind the curb so it would blend in but would be an additional $15,000.00.


            Bruce Brown reported that prescription drug abuse is up, the ice rink will be back on the court house lawn, the Dial A Ride has purchased three new buses since the old ones did not meet emission standards and the County Commissioners are working on a new budget.


            Leonard made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Diane P and carried.



            Ron reported that he will send out a letter in regard to the mobile home on the Delaney property.  It will probably be spring before any removal can be done.  He said that the neighbors are fine with that.  No new complaints.



            Dale reported that the PC reviewed two bids for updating the Elmira Township Master Plan.  The board accepted MC Planning & Design bid for $7,985.00.  Wade Trim submitted a bid for $9,000.  Dale asked the township board to send out letters to both parties and to have Mary Campbell of MC draw up a contract. 


            Diane P stated that the township board would like to see additional questions in regard to the ATV’s.  ie do you own an atv & how many, possibly what section they live in. 





            5444    Michigan Dept of Treasury, withholding taxes 3rd quarter                       719.71

            5445    Doreen Ostrander, deputy clerk, cleaning flower bed                 242.50

            5446    Susan Schaedig, clerk salary                                                                 959.91

            5447    Paul Hartmann, PC meeting                                                                  110.00

            5448    Leonard Skop, trustee salary, Ass’n mtg, clean-up day              308.83

            5449    John Middleton, PC meeting                                                                 110.00

            5450    James Theisen, PC meeting                                                                   110.00

            5451    Gloria Torello, PC meeting                                                                    130.00

            5452    Duane Hoffman, PC meeting                                                                 110.00

            5453    Diane Purgiel, Treasurer’s salary, several meetings                              1,733.49

            5454    Diane Franckowiak, Supv salary, assist assessor, several mtgs      1,483.66

            5455    Dale Holzschu, trustee salary, clean-up, Ass’n, PC mtgs                        418.83

            5456    Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning wages                                                       125.00

            5457    Barbara Lewandowski, deputy treasurer                                               120.00

            5458    Doreen Ostrander, mileage-election                                                        66.60

            5459    Diane Franckowiak, reimb postage, internet, computer & phone              56.36

            5460    Susan Schaedig, reimb phone & internet                                                  30.00

            5461    Diane Purgiel, reimb telephone & office supplies                                    232.82

            5462    Alpine Web, domain renewal                                                                  16.00

            5463    WalMart, office supplies                                                                         40.52

            5464    Young, Graham & Elsenheimer, P.C., volunteer release form     116.00

            5465    Dan Smith, CPA, F-65                                                             350.00

            5466    D & D Assessing                                                                               1,700.00

            5467    Mark Rygwelski, mowing July, August                                      530.00

            5468    Otsego County Road Commission, West Martin Lake Rd                41,910.00

            5469    Great Lakes Energy                                                                                92.34

            5470    Waste Management                                                                                85.51

            5471    Diane Purgiel, reimb personal ck dep in twp acct                                   137.57

            5472    Dunn’s Business Solutions, cleaning supplies                                41.21

            5473    Doreen Ostrander, deputy clerk-twp board mtg                                    120.00

            5474    Ron Geiger, Liquor Inspector, Ordinance Officer                                  235.94

            5475    Alpine Web, quarterly website hosting                                       105.00

            5476    Otsego County Treasurer, charge backs                                                    5.72

            5477    Elmira-Warner Fire Authority, reimb fire extinguishers                 50.00

            5478    CenturyLink                                                                                           92.51

            5479    United States Postal Service, postage-election                             26.00

            5480    Great Lakes Energy                                                                              186.07

            5481    GBS Inc, registration forms-voters                                                          72.74

            5482    Dan Smith CPA, adjustments to quick books                                        300.00

            5483    Great Lakes Energy                                                                              200.29

            EPay    United States Treasury, Oct, 2012 taxes                                               499.07



            Diane P made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Dale and carried.




M Bank CD’s  99,031.79  65,444.47  64,425.27  M Bank Savings   15,186.39

NWST CD  109,266.33   First Federal Ckg   25,005.55  First Federal ICS  95,052.05

Gen Fund Independent Bank  20,409.68   TOTAL  493,821.53

Citizens Tax Savings  3,298.75    Checking  6,002.21   TOTAL  9,300.96


            Diane P reported that she has one delinquent personal summer tax not paid.


            She is checking out credit card companies in order for a taxpayer to pay their taxes and would like legal counsel.


            Sue made a motion for Diane P to contact Bryan Graham in regard to a contract with a credit card company for the purpose of paying taxes by the taxpayer.  Seconded by Leonard and carried.


            Diane P stated that she is still having phone issues.


            Leonard made a motion to purchase a used Savin 816mf Full Duplexer at $775.00 from Dunns to replace the Treasurer’s copier.  Seconded by Sue and carried.



            There were 136 residents that brought trash to clean-up day on 9/22/2012.



            Leonard made a motion to approve D & H Excavating to do the snow plowing for 2012-2013 season at the same price as the previous two seasons at $ 45.00/hr for plowing and tractor & blower to move snow piles or deep snow at $65.00/hour.  Seconded by Dale and carried.


            Sue made a motion to appoint Doreen Ostrander, Peggy Hall, Heidi Mead, Janelle Crawford, Barb Fleming and Sally Holly as election inspectors for the General Election on November 6, 2012.  Seconded by Diane P and carried.


            Sue made a motion in the form of a resolution establishing a Receiving Board and the appointment of two or more election inspectors, with an equal number from each major political party, for all future elections beginning November 6, 2012,  held in Elmira Township, Otsego County.  Seconded by Diane P and carried.


AYES:  Diane Franckowiak, Susan Schaedig, Diane Purgiel, Leonard, Skop, Dale Holzschu




            Sue made a motion to appoint Peggy Hall and Barb Fleming to the Receiving Board for the November 6, 2012, General Election.  Seconded by Diane P and carried.


            Diane P made a motion to allow any board member to attend the Michigan Township Conference in January, 2013.  The wages, bus or mileage, registration, hotel and a $100.00 stipend for food to be paid by the township.  Seconded by Leonard and carried.


            There being no further business to come before the board Leonard made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dale and carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


Susan Schaedig, Clerk







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