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January 2013 minutes


January 2013 minutes






JANUARY 10, 2013



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township Board was held on January 10, 2013 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:00 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            Members in attendance were Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak, Clerk, Susan Schaedig, and Trustees, Dale Holzschu and Leonard Skop.  Treasurer, Diane Purgiel was excused.


            Leonard made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Dale and carried.



            The numbers are in from Equalization and the 2013 assessment roll will be done shortly.


            The ratios are all around 50% and the taxable values will cap at 2.7% higher.  If the assessed and the taxable are equal the assessed will remain the taxable value for 2013.  We will not know what revenue will be available until the roll is actually finished, but they should stay about the same.


            Deb will put some numbers together to try to estimate what will be lost and not replaced due to the new personal property law which will take effect in 2014.



            Diane F stated that John Burt is working with Meijer’s to place the recycling bins on their property and with Gaylord Cinema as a secondary placement. 



            10056  Michigan Dept of Treasury, taxes Oct, Nov, Dec 2012             672.75

            10057  Susan Schaedig, Clerk’s salary                                                 959.91

            10058  Ron Geiger, liquor inspector, ordinance officer                          235.94

            10059  Leonard Skop, trustee salary                                                                128.83

            10060  Diane Purgiel, Treasurer’s salary                                                        1,433.49

            10061  Diane Franckowiak, Supervisor’s salary                                             1,378.66

            10062  Dale Holzschu, trustee salary                                                                 128.83

            10063  Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning                                                                  125.00

            10064  Barbara Lewandowski, deputy treasurer                                                 80.00

            10065  MMTA, dues                                                                                         50.00

            10066  Diane Franckowiak, reimb computer use, phone, internet, stamps            59.00

            10067  United States Postal Service, postage assessor                            45.00

            10068  Susan Schaedig, reimb phone & internet, mileage                                    39.99

            10069  Diane Purgiel, reimb phone & internet, mileage                          209.48

            10070  Diane Franckowiak, meals reimb MTA convention                                100.00

            10071  Otsego County Equalization Dept, maint, pers prop statements     1,376.60

            10072  Walmart                                                                                                 27.99

            10073  Great Lakes Energy                                                                                75.58

            10074  D & D Assessing                                                                               1,700.00

            10075  D & H Excvavating, snow plowing                                                        270.00

            10076  Alpine Web, quarterly website hosting                                       105.00

            10077  Waste Management                                                                                88.75

            10078  Warner Township, Maple Hill Cemetery ½ cost                                 1,800.00

            10079  Young, Graham & Elsenheimer, P.C., Charter franchise                          29.00

            10080  Otsego County Treasurer, chargebacks, foreclosures 2012                     38.10

            10081  Loshaw tt 1 Inc., Jimmy John’s sandwiches-Twp Ass’n mtg                  190.00

            10082  Centurylink                                                                                             43.69

            10083  Susan Schaedig, reimb food Ass’n mtg, HP ink cartridges                       38.97

            10084  Amerigas Propane                                                                                362.07

            10085  Otsego County Twp’s Officers Ass’n, dues & flags                               325.00

            10086  Great Lakes Energy                                                                              201.39

            E-PAY January taxes                                                                                       338.40



            The board discussed the billing for half of Maple Hill Cemetery mowing for 2012.

The board felt that the mowing was excessive due to the dry summer season.


            Sue will contact Sally Skop either by letter or phone and send copies of Elmira’s mowing so that Warner Township can do a comparison.  Diane F will contact Martin.


Dale made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Leonard and carried.



            M Bank CDs  99,031.79  65,444.47  M Bank Savings  15,198.84

NWST CD  109,758.86  First Federal  Ckg  49,785.36  First Federal ICS  175,111.95

Gen Fund Independent Bank(Chemical)  2,980.65   TOTAL  517,311.92


Citizens 9017 Tax Savings  65,323.33  Tax Ckg  6,002.43  TOTAL  71,325.76



            Elmira Township received a letter from the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission stating that they have received an application for a license for Transfer of Ownership of 2012 SDD and SDM by Pat & Bud’s Grocery, Inc. (Cynthia Vermeulen).


            Since this request is a transfer under MCL 436.1529(1), approval of the local unit of government is not required.


            The Michigan Dept of Natural Resources informed Elmira Township that the grant application for funding assistance for Elmira Township Park enhancement was not recommended for approval.


            Sue made a motion to pay the 40.00 registration fee, mileage and wages for Diane F to attend the class on the APEX program on January 11, 2013.  Seconded by Dale and carried.


            There being no further business to come before the board Leonard made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dale and carried.  Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m..


Susan Schaedig, Clerk




























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