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July 2014 Minutes


July 2014 Minutes






JULY 10, 2014



            A regular meeting of the Elmira Township board was held on July 10, 2014 at the Elmira Township hall commencing at 6:00 p.m. with Supervisor, Diane Franckowiak calling the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.


            All board members were present.  Others present were Ordinance Officer, Ron Geiger, Fred & Linda Davis, Scott Turner and Dave Johannigsmeier.


            Leonard made a motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Seconded by Dale and carried.



            Linda Davis stated that she was a member of the Friends of the Library and is supporting the milage for the library in the August, 2014 Primary Election.  It has been 10 years since the last request.



            Ron reported that Trunk Lane has been partially cleaned.  One vehicle has been moved and 2 vehicles had the junk cleaned out of them.


            Ron stated that the items are buried on the Theisen Rd property and he cannot see anything.  He has contacted the DEQ and has been told to take pictures when it is observed that something is being buried.



            Dale reported that Tim Woder will move the bell form the Elmira School site to the township park.



            10625  Ron Geiger, Ordinance Officer, Liquor Inspector wages                  242.26

            10626  Paul Hartmann, PC mtg                                                                      110.00

            10627  Leonard Skop, trustee salary                                                              128.83

            10628  Jay Maufort, PC mtg                                                                          110.00

            10629  James Theisen, PC mtg                                                                       110.00

            10630  Gloria Torello, PC mtg                                                                        130.00

            10631  Diane Franckowiak, Supv salary, hall rentals, Assessor                   1,553.66

            10632  Dale Holzschu, trustee salary, PC mtg                                               238.83

            10633  James Theisen, reimb fuel-tractor                                                          60.00

            10634  Spartan Sewer & Septic, porta potty                                                     90.00

            10635  D & D Assessing                                                                              1,700.00

            10636  United States Postal Service, postage                                                            147.00

            10637  Diane Franckowiak, reimb phone-internet, use of computer                 50.00

            10638  Susan Schaedig, clerk salary                                                             1,359.91

            10639  Diane Purgiel, Treasurer’s salary                                                      1,833.49

            10640  Susan Schaedig, reimb phone-internet                                                   30.00

            10641  Diane Purgiel, reimb phone-internet                                                      93.27

            10642  Waste Management                                                                            113.55

            10643  Home Depot, bldg materials-park                                                       759.08

            10644  Mid North Printing, envelopes                                                           213.55

            10645  Calvin Thomas, hall cleaning wages                                                   112.50

            10646  Skop’s Asphalt Maintenance, repair cracks, sealcoat parking lot   2,150.00

            10647  Alpine Web, 1/4ly website hosting                                                     105.00

            10648  Bridgeway, generator service                                                             354.87

            10649  Mark Rygwelski, mowing                                                                    265.00

            10650  Cannonsburg Wood Products, Inc                                                   3,220.00

            10651  VOID                         

            10652  CenturyLink                                                                                           44.72

            10653  Great Lakes Energy                                                                            456.00

            EPAY July taxes                                                                                            731.50

            10654  Otsego County Treasurer, charge backs                                                39.67



            Leonard made a motion to pay the bills.  Seconded by Diane P and carried unanimously.



            Diane P stated that the tax collection is going well with only a few address changes.


            First Merit Bank reimbursed all fees the township had been charged and they said it should not happen again.


            Sue made a motion to enter into a 1 year lease contract with Pitney Bowes for a postage meter with a 5# scale at 39.99 per month.  Included will be a free 60 day trial and there after a charge of 8.99 per month for postage refills.  There will be a 2% discount on postage.  Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            Diane P will bring the investment policy up to date.


M Bank  102,233.94    MBank Savings  81,974.30   NWST CD   110,211.39 

First Federal ICS  230,876.14  Gen Fund Ckg 1st Fed  43,653.98  TOTAL  568,949.75


First Merit Tax Dep  54,828.47   First Merit Tax Ckg  6,000.23   60,828.70





            Diane P made a motion to purchase a 1,000 gallon propane tank from Johnson Propane at $1,900 plus two regulators at $45.00 each.  The price will be 170.9 per gallon.

Seconded by Dale and carried unanimously.


            Don Franckowiak offered to take the fence down at the park.  The board decided to leave it up at this time.


            The July Board of Revue is scheduled for July 22, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the township hall.


            Sue made a motion to appoint Doreen Ostrander,  Heidi Mead, Barb Fleming, Janelle Crawford, Peggy Hall and Jan Hoffman as election inspectors for the August, 5, 2014 Primary.  Seconded by Diane P and carried unanimously.


            The board decided to table the 2015-2016 renewal of the Otsego County Land Use Services until August, 2014.


            The Otsego County Road Commission will host a meeting on July 28, 20l4 at noon to discuss the Pacer reports and a list of roads the board would like to have work done if the road millage passes in November.


            Debbie Dunham submitted an assessor agreement/contract to the board.  It was tabled until the September meeting.


            Diane P stated that it had been brought to her attention that two houses in Glen Meadows have not been on the tax roll.


            There being no further business to discuss Leonard made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Dale and carried.  Meeting adjourned at 7:04 p.m..


Susan Schaedig, Clerk


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